NCAC Executive Board members are elected by the General Assembly from among the voting members. An individual NCAC member may be elected as Executive Board member on honourable pro-bono basis and for no more than two consecutive terms. Currently, the thried term Executive Board composes of seven members, six of whom are arbitrator-members and another one is legal entity-member. They were elected in early 2019 to hold office term from 2019-2022. Following their election, the elected members conducted internal votes for appointment among the Executive Board members as NCAC President, Vice President and Treasurer. Below are the seven members and their respective roles:

- Arbitrator BUN Youdy, President of Executive Board and President of NCAC
- Arbitrator KHIEU Mealy, Vice-President
- Arbitrator HUON Soknymph, Treasurer
- Arbitrator KOY Neam, Executive Board Member
- Arbitrator SENG Sokhim, Executive Board Member
- Arbitrator LY Sopheap, Executive Board Member
- Mr. BLAISE Kilian (Representative of EuroCham), Executive Board Member