Tribunal appointed by NCAC Appointment Committee or under NCAC Arbitration Rules is called NCAC Tribunal. An NCAC Tribunal may compose of Institutional arbitrator(s) or/and Adhoc arbitrator(s). Through appointment of a Tribunal, the NCAC gains authority to administer the arbitral proceedings for the concerned case. However, if as per the parties’ arbitration agreement the NCAC is only empowered or requested to appoint one or more arbitrator(s) for a Tribunal, but has no authority to administer the arbitral proceedings, in such a case the constituted Tribunal is not called NCAC Tribunal, but an Adhoc Tribunal. 

A- Institutional arbitrator 
Institutional arbitrator refers to an arbitrator listed with NCAC and has full qualification to serve as the role of Tribunal member after being appointed by the party(ies) or by the NCAC Appointment Committee.

B- Adhoc arbitrator 
Adhoc arbitrator refers to a qualified and experienced arbitrator who is not listed with NCAC, but may be listed by or associated with other local or international Arbitration Center/Institution.